Reimagining the Licious App Experience: A User-Centric Design Approach




UX / UI Design


September 25, 2019


Licious is an online meat delivery platform dedicated to catering to enthusiasts who uncompromisingly prioritize meat quality. Entrusted with their vision, we were given the task to sculpt a captivating onboarding experience and elevate the homepage design.


With a diverse user base ranging from first-time visitors to long-time customers, our mission was to curate an intuitive and personalized experience that resonated with all on the Licious platform.

Our Objectives

  • Enhanced Product Discoverability: Streamline the browsing experience to facilitate swift and decisive purchase actions.
  • Optimized Search Experience: Bolster usability to foster seamless product discovery, ultimately driving increased conversion rates.
  • Effortless Reordering: Implement intuitive features allowing users to swiftly reorder their favorite products without friction.
  • Elevated User Engagement: Ensure continuous, relevant brand communication at each touchpoint throughout the user journey, amplifying engagement and loyalty.

Our Approach

  • Qualitative Research: To grasp users' shopping behaviors on the app, we delved into their purchasing motivations and contexts. Through face-to-face and on-call interviews, we gathered valuable insights into these user patterns.
  • Quantitative Research: Beyond in-person interviews, we gleaned insights from user complaints via email, social media comments, NPS data, and reviews on the app and app stores.

Final Designs

We aimed for a design that was both attractive and simple, matching Licious's brand and offering a better shopping experience for new users.


We leveraged existing brand colors to ensure uniformity in communications and to capture the brand's unique personality.

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