Mobile app designed to make zoo visits memorable, fun and educational experience.




UX / UI Design


December 18, 2018


Zoobloo aims to address the challenges faced by zoo visitors who often meticulously plan their day at the zoo but end up missing key events and animal exhibits. This problem is widespread among both first-time and frequent visitors, emphasizing the need for a user-centered solution.


The primary issue we are tackling is the suboptimal experience that families encounter during their zoo visits. Despite investing time and effort in planning, visitors frequently miss out on shows, exhibits and various animal species due to the vast and often complex layout of zoos. This problem is universal and affects both newcomers and regular attendees.

Our Objectives

  • Efficient Navigation: Users should effortlessly find their way around the zoo, locating animal shows, cafeterias, gift shops, restrooms, and other essential amenities.
  • Educational Experience: Zoobloo will provide users with an opportunity to learn and retain information about the animals they encounter in the zoo, fostering a more educational experience.
  • Enhanced Interactions: The app will facilitate connections and interactions among visitors, allowing them to engage in games and activities that make their trip more enjoyable and interactive.

Our Approach

  • Research: We conducted extensive research using various methods, including analyzing comments on zoo Facebook pages and conducting user interviews with parents to understand their motivations and behaviors during zoo visits. This research allowed us to pinpoint pain points and user preferences.
  • User personas: A user persona is a detailed and semi-fictional representation of a typical user, designed to help businesses understand their target audience's needs, behaviors, and preferences.

UI Design

Typography in the app meticulously balanced font styles and sizes, guiding users effortlessly through content, enhancing readability, and conveying the brand's personality with every character, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.
In the app, colour schemes were thoughtfully chosen to evoke emotions, establish a cohesive visual identity, and intuitively guide user actions, making it a visually appealing and user-friendly experience

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